Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Creepy and haunted campuses have brought many interesting stories. People tends to ask the history of the ghost and some of them remain curious and want to see the ghost in front of their own eye. Next, here`s 10 most haunted campuses in US

10.Penn State University,State College, PA
Haunted 10 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Penn State University

In 1969, Betsy Aardsma, a university student,was stabbed when she was doing her English homework and found dead in the Pattee Library. The killer remains uncovered till this day and many student witnessed her spirit wandering around the library at night.

9. Bradford College,Haverhill, MA
haunted 9 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Bradford College

The college is unused right now and it keeps many haunted stories of all students inside. The ghost story is around a female student who had romantic relationship with a priest school that lasted in tragic event. The girl was pregnant and the priest killed her.

8. University of Notre Dame
haunted 8 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

University of Notre Dame

The ghost story is started with a friendly ghost of George Gipp who was a famous Notre Dame Football, not friendly ghost of Patawatami Indians and ghost of medieval warriors that rumored was buried under the Columbus hall

7. University of Georgia.Athens, GA
haunted 7 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

University of Georgia

University of Georgia is very old and saves many tragic stories from the past. The Phi Mu sorority house has a ghost story of Anna Hamilton who witnessed the murder of her own boy friend in front of her own eyes and the ghost story of Alpha Gamma Delta house where Susie hung herself in the attic after her wedding day did not happen as she want

6.. Clove Road Apartments at Montclair State University,Upper Montclair, NJ
haunted 6 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Clove Road Apartments

The apartment was built on top of Indians burial grounds.The ghost story is around angry soul of Indians who hate to see their last resting place turn to be an apartment. The building is cold all the time, doors and windows opened and closed on their own, and many unexpected event happen in this building often.

5. St. Joseph’s College
haunted 5 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

St. Joseph’s College

This place used to be a hospital during the civil war and the place was more like a butcher shop than a hospital. The building houses screams, suffers and dead of many soldier in the past and it remains re-appear at night. Mother Seton`s ghost is often walking around the campus and smiling to the student

4. Drew University.Madison, NJ
haunted 4 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Drew University

It is a theological campus that house some ghost from a hundred years ago. The ghost of Roxanna Mead Drew, a wife of university`s founder, uses this building as a place to show her supra-natural existence. Apparently, pray is not enough to keep her silence forever

3. Cal State University,Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA)
haunted 3 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Cal State University

Cal State was built on top of an old mental hospital or asylum. Since it was opened for new students in 2002, many student witnessed the appearance of violent ghosts who knocked and thrown them with a solid object. Different ghost stories have been reported and the numbers are growing by the day

2. University of Illinois,Urbana, IL
haunted 2 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

University of Illinois

Some student of University of Illinois have horror experiences about a face-less man with a green uniform.The Horror story spreads to a never-found-killer who had hung a student on his own closet and also a man who visit several students in the same time but then vanished, untraceable and unidentified.

1. Ohio University,Athens, Ohio
haunted 1 Top 10 Most Haunted Campuses in US

Ohio University

This place is known for years as one of the most haunted place in America and the world. The Campus was featured in Scariest places in Earth -TV series and many student already witnessed the surprising meeting with one of the restless soul. From the Wilson Hall to a basketball field, all corners of Ohio University is haunted and you can find some rooms that was closed or sealed because of “unexplainable reasons”

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