Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades

Here`s 10 creative business ideas in the last decades. They started their business with a simple idea that is never tried before and they make millions from it. Here`s the detail;
10.My Space lay out
10 my space Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
MySpace Lay out
A 17 year- old high school dropout teenage girl started her business from a simple website whateverlife dot com. At her site, she is selling her own Myspace layout and offers free tutorial. Her site attracts 7 millions visitor and 60 million page views per month The best thing is the site gives her $1 million dollar profit from sales and $70k per month via third party ads ,Adsense.
09.Printer cartridge
9 monks Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Printer cartridge
Father Bernard McCoy, the owner of LaserMonks dot com, started his business in 2002. His business started once he could not find a cheap replacement ink for his printer. He started to make his own printer ink from mere black powder and then it turned to be million dollar business after that.Since 2005, his business earns him around $2.5 million per year.
08.Excuse letter/excuse Note
8 excuse notes Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Excuse notes
No more confuse to write your own excuse letter once you buy this excuse note and the price is only $25. The Excused Absence Network started everything from mere $300 and it become millions dollars business this time.if you like to order it online please go to myexcusedabsence dot com
07.Million Dollar Pixel
7. million dollar webpage Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
milliondollarhomepage dot com
From simple one page of website, Alex Tew collected a million dollar from it. In 2005, the site received free publicity from around the world and that what make Alex should not waiting years to collect that money. Total profit he earned from his pixel grid website was $1,037,100. if you never know the website please go to milliondollarhomepage dot com
06.A microwaveable pillow
6 microwave pillow Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
A microwaveable pillow
The microwaveable pillow is also called Wuvit. The creator is Kim Levine.Wuvit is basically just a corn pillow with an interesting cloth. The pillow absorbs and keeps the heat of microwave for 45 minutes and many kids love it. Wuvit became popular once Saks Department Store sold it. You can find the product at canvastoclay dot com
05.Plastic wishbones
5 wish bones Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Lucky wishbones
No one knew that fake plastic wishbones could make people a millionaire until Ken Ahroni started it with his company luckybreak.His company sells Synthetic wishbones with the sound and feel same as the real turkey wishbones. Every year, luckybreak earns $2,5 million from sales. If you like to know more about them please go to.luckybreakwishbone dot com
04.Goggles for dogs
4 doggles Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Goggles for dogs
Pet want fashion and the opportunity was snapped by Doggles dot com. At first the company only sold dog goggles and it started expanding to pet backpacks, jackets , t-shirts, caps and pet toys once National Geographic, Animal planet, People, women`s world include CNN interviewed them and published their story on their media.
03.Selling jam out of his grandmother’s recipe
3. jam maker Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Fraser Doherty
When other teenager stuck in front of their PC to start their business, Fraser Doherty back to his grandmother`s house to find a secret recipe of his grandma delicious jam. He learn the secret since 14 and he decided to focus on it at the age of 16. He branded his jam, Super jam and sold it all over UK.Every year, 500,000 jars of Superjam sold over UK market. Total net value he earns from his business is around $1-$2 millions yearly
02.Dog poop-scooping business
2. dog Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Matthew Osborn started his dog poop- scooping business in the early 1990s. Osborn saw a great opportunity of his business once he found that within 15 miles away from his house there were 100,000 dogs that always left dirty jobs for the owners and not all of them want to rid the dirty stuff. Now, his business runs under petbutler dot com and he served 3,000 clients this moment. Would you like to be one of his new client ?
01.Affair website for married people
1 affair website Top 10 Famous Creative business Ideas in the last decades
Noel Biderman has new idea of dating website and he launched to connect married people with other married person. His company motto is “ Life is short. Have an affair”. At this time, the site serves 3.2 millions members from US to Schweiz. Although many critiques pointed to this website, there are many members who will not agree with it. Go to their site to know more.

Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world

If you are searching opportunity and profit on Forex market/trading, you may already know these 10 names. They are famous risk taker in trading floor and they know how to collect huge profit in short period of time.Here`s top 10 richest brokers / money dealers in the world or you can call them quickest money maker in the world
10 Jesse Livermore Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
10. Jesse Livermore
Name:Jesse Livermore
Job: Trader
Popular since: Shorted Crash of 1929
Jesse Livermore or also called “Boy Plunger” was among very few traders who collected many profit from the Panic economy of 1907 and the Great Crash in 1929. His trading strategy generated around $100 million in short period of time.
His famous philosophy is, ‘Increase the size of your position if they’re moving in your favor and cut losses quickly.’ His message is still cited until today although he already died in 1940 in the age 67
9 George Soros Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
9.George Soros
Name: George Soros
Occupation: Director of Soros Fund Management
Popular since: Collecting $1 billion from UK Currency Crisis
Born in Budapest, in Aug 12, 1930, His name was never recognized
until one day ,in 1992, he cashed out $1 billion in one day after betting against the British currency .
Some media called him “The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England” and he is also known for his generous philanthropic action
8 Paul Tudor Jones Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
8 Paul Tudor Jones
8.Name: Paul Tudor Jones
Occupation: Owner & Founder of Tudor Investment Corporation
Popular since: Predicting 1987 Black Monday
Paul Tudor Jones started to be a media attention after he successfully predicted stock market collapse in 1987 and doubling his clients’ investment. In 2009, Paul Tudor Jones was worth around $6.3 billion.
Out of trading, he also managing the Robin Hood Foundation of New York to reduce poverty in New York City.
7 James Jim Simons Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
7. James Jim Simons
7.Name: James Jim Simons
Occupation: Founder of Renaissance Technologies
Popular since: Founding Quant Trading
James Jim Simons is old mathematician, poker player and also code-breaker.Renaissance Technologies, his hedge fund management company, found and popularized quantitative trading that help many trader to win trading in any market condition
His hedge fund has profited more than 30% yearly in the last 20 years. Simons decided to retire and became President of Euclidean Capital since January 2010.
6 Nicolas Darvas Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
6.Nicolas Darvas
6.Name: Nicolas Darvas
Occupation: Self-Taught Investor
Popular since: Released BOX Theory of Stock Picking
Darvas was a famous name on Wall Street in the late 1950’s after implementing a series of trades that changed $10,000 to $2 million after 18 months.
He named his trading secret BOX theory, a combination of technical and fundamental analysis that is still popular today.
5 John Paulson Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
5.John Paulson
5.Name: John Paulson
Occupation: President of Paulson & Co.
Popular since: Predicting Real Estate Bubble and housing market fall
In 2006, John Paulson trader was one of the view trader who took a chance of “The Greatest Trade Ever” and winning it.By wagering against risky mortgages sector and perilous financial firms he gained more than $15 billion that year.
4 Steve A. Cohen Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
4.Steve A. Cohen
4.Name: Steve A. Cohen
Occupation: Founder, SAC Capital Partners
Popular because of his ability to spot Opportunity
BusinessWeek called Cohen as “The most powerful trader on Wall Street,”. He is popular because of his ability to make profit regardless the market conditions.
On his first day worked on Gruntal & Co couple years ago, he collected $8,000 profit. Since 2009, his value is worth $11.4 billion.
3 Ken Griffin Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
3. Ken Griffin
3.Name: Ken Griffin
Occupation: Managing Director & CEO, Citadel Investment Group
Popular since: Launching Citadel Hedge Funds
Ken Griffin began his trading career when he was a student of Harvard University. His name started famous after Citadel Investment Group, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world, manage $13 billion from around the world. Some report said that his firm profited 3% of trading volume in New York in any given day
2 Jim Rogers Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
2.Jim Rogers
2-Name:Jim Rogers
Occupation: Co-Founder of Quantum Fund
Popular since: Spotted Bull Market In Hard Assets
He was working with George Soros to build Quantum fund and he is known for his “Midas touch” in trading commodities. His trading strategy helped Quantum Fund generated 4200% of profit in the first 10 years.
When he was a child he sold peanuts in baseball games and he learn how to be a good trader from that job
1 John D. Arnold Top 10 Richest and Successful Brokers in the world
1 .John D.Arnold
1.Name: John D. Arnold
Occupation: Founder of Centaurus Advisors
Popular because his name is listed on World’s Best Energy Traders
With a net value of $2.7 billion, Arnold is known among the youngest billionaires in US. in 2001, His trading`s strategy in energy trading returned $750 million for Enron company.
His best performance is when he won a bet against Amaranth Advisors LLC on natural gas couple years ago. It was reported that he generated $2 billion after taking short position versus Amaranth advisors
One day, Do you like to be one of the richest traders/ brokers in the world ?

Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past

Couple of hundreds ago, our great grand fathers and mothers had no chance to pick their own rulers and leaders. In the past, government were occupied by weird royal families that not only incapable to lead but also had mental disorders that disadvantaged many people. This is 10 of them. They are 10 weirdest royals in the past.
1. Justin II

Royal 1 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Justin II

He is the successor and nephew of famous Roman Emperor Justin I or Justinian the Great.Unlike his uncle, Justin II was a man with a serious brain problem and he needed a music all the time to relax his stressed mind. He bit people and he should used a special wheeled throne in the palace. His mental illness was the main reason why he was abdicated from his power and replaced by Tiberius II Constantine. 2. Ibrahim I

Royal 2 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Ibrahim I

He was the King of Ottoman empire from 1640 to 1648. His madness was obsession to fat or obese woman. He even ordered his special agent to search a fattest woman in other countries.His agent finally found a 330 pounds woman in Georgia or Armenia. Ibrahim I loved her so much and he was ready to lose 280 harems for her. Other madness, Ibrahim gave her a government pension and royal title of Governor General of Damascus. 3. Nebuchadnezzar

Royal 3 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past

Nebuchadnezzar was the great King of Babylon during 605BC and 582BC and He was a great man that built Hanging gardens of Babylon.Unfortunately, behind his great success, he also had a serious mental madness. Several time, he left his throne and living in wild jungle for several years. According to history, he believed he is humbled by God and he had to live in the jungle for 7 years with goat and cattle and ate grass like them. Once the years passed, He came back to his kingdom and governed like a normal king. 4. Ludwig II of Bavaria

Royal 4 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II ruled Bavaria from 1845 to 1886. He had an eccentric style and great interest of Art. Sadly, his interest of art went too far and that made the Kingdom spent too much money for his interest instead of using it to help the people or poor.He believed that he is immortal and weirdly, his death is mystery till this day and no one knows where is his last resting place. 5.Caligula

Royal 5 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or known as Caligula was a moderate Roman emperor until one day he changed and became a weird king that was not only cruel but also greedy, perverse and tyrannic. Almost same as ludwig, He believed that he is immortal and he had same level with other gods in heaven. Sometimes, he dressed like Apollo, Venus, Mercury, even Achilles.Before he died, his madness worsen and he beheaded some god`s head in temples and replaced it with his own head copy 6.Charlotte of Belgium

Royal 6 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Charlotte of Belgium

She was the Empress of Mexico as a consort of her husband, Maximilian I of Mexico. When Charlotte back to Europe and transit to Vatican, her weirdness started to emerge.One day, she ran out to pope room and kneeling and shouting that one of his staff tried to poison her. She also forced to sleep in Vatican room and she slept in Vatican`s library for one night. Next day, she burned her own hand and visited an orphanage with a mask of handkerchief covered her face. 7.Joanna of Castile

Royal 7 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Joanna of Castile

She was a famous queen of Castile but he felt in love too deep to her own husband Philipe. She became frantic and insane once Philipe died.She was not buried her husband and she brought her husband coffin inside her palace. Every morning, she used to open her husband`s coffin, embrace and than kiss him.When an epidemics struck her palace and she had to move to Burgos, she even brought the coffin with her. 8. Robert III of Scotland

Royal 8 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Robert III of Scotland

Robert III of Scotland was a good ruler but regrettably, he had not destined with a good son and he loved his son too much. His own son David or Duke of Rothesay was a homosexual, leaving his own fiancee, and traitor.David finally died in his own uncle`s jail in Falkland Palace and that made Robert depressed, refused to eat and died couple of days later 9. Murad IV of Turkey

Royal 9 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Murad IV of Turkey

He was known for his cruelty, weird prohibitions, insane punishments, and his homosexual behavior. His own musician lost his head just because he played a Persian song. During his reign he prohibited cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and he would behead anyone who broke the law. It was recorded 25000 people killed by this rule. 10. Alfonso VI of Portugal

Royal 10 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Alfonso VI of Portugal

Our last weirdest royals goes to Alfonso VI of Portugal. When he lived, People could see his weirdness started from his look. Every day, He wore 6 or 7 coats at a time one after another and he perched 3 or 4 hats on top of the other. His weird dressing style was completed with his wild parties hobby and his adored to have sex with nuns. The church leader was powerless to stop his lunatic behavior

Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010

Here`s the list of top 10 richest musicians in 2010. They have entertained million people in the last several and I believe they deserve for it
1.Madonna $110 million
MADonna thumb1 Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010
Earning resources:
58 national and international concerts and tours in 2008 for her album Hard Candy.The concert was grossing $280 million. For this big success, she collected $110 million.
2.Beyonce: $87 million

beyonce babies pregnant jay z Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010

Earning resources: 110 international tours, featuring in 2 movies, profit from her fashion business, new double album, and supporting Nintendo and Crystal Geyser promo.
3.Bruce Springsteen: $70 million

BRuceSpringsteen thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010

Earning resources: 2008 music tour, performed in Super Bowl XLIII, and his “Greatest Hits” selling album
4.Coldplay: $70 million

COLdplay thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010

Earning resources: Selling Album “Viva La Vida” and Album tour promo in 16 countries.
5.Kenny Chesney: $65 million

KEnnyChesney thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010
Kenny Chesney

Earning resources:
Kenny Chesney record sales was not good this year but it was covered with huge sale ticket from his tour.In 2008, Kenny sold 1 million concert ticket and this is where most of his money came from 6.Dave Matthews Band: $65 million

DAveMatthewsBand thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010
Dave Matthews Band

Earning resources: Selling album of “Big Whiskey and the GooGrux King”, Dave matthews band merchandising sales and fan club annual fee.
7.Rascal Flatts: $60 million

RAscalFlatts thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010
Rascal Flatts

Earning resources: 350,000 selling copies from their new album and an exclusive contract with JCPenney
8.AC/DC: $60 million

ACDC thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010

Earning resources: AC/DC video game, Selling album, and selling ticket concerts of new album promo.
9.Toby Keith: $52 million

TObyKeith thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010
Toby Keith

Earning resources
Restaurants, clothing line, selling album and live show selling ticket 10.Bon Jovi: $50 million

BOnJovi thumb Top 10 Richest Musician in 2010
Bon Jovi

Earning resources:
2008 international tours, Bon jovi selling albums, and his new music rock band, Jersey Band.

Top 10 Gadgets in 2010

Here`s list of top 10 gadgets that already released this year. I hope this information will help you to find a right gadget for your son or may be yourself
10. Barnes & Noble Nook Color
Gadget 10 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Barnes & Noble Nook Color
Category: E-reader
Price: $249
This nook color was released in 26 October 2010. It is featured with 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel ,multitouch touchscreen, works over Android 2.1 Operating system, 512Mb memory, 8Gb internal storage and many more. On April 2011, Barnes and Noble will launch its own application store.
9. Apple TV

Gadget 9 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Apple TV

Category: Digital Media receiver
Price: $99
Officially, Apple released Apple TV on October 1, 2010. This media receiver allowed people to rent favorite TV shows or movies from their Netflix accounts or iTunes store and also streaming Youtube from their own TV.
8. Logitech Revue with Google TV
Gadget 8 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Logitech Revue
Category: TV solution
Logitech Revue is revolutionary product that will replace your monthly cable subscriptions. With this keyboard and internet connection, people can stream Google TV easily. The installation is simple and it could works via Wi-fi as well

7. Nexus One
Gadget 7 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Nexus One
Category: Mobile Phone
Price: $179
Nexus One released from January 2010 in US. The smart phone is labeled $529 for the unlock version. Behind the casing lies 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon processor. The phone is meant for speed and clarity. On the screen, the phone is featured with AMOLED display with resolution 480×800 pixel
6. 11-Inch MacBook Air
Gadget 6 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
11-Inch MacBook Air
Category: Laptop
Price: $999
11-Inch MacBook Air was released in late 2010 and it is smart laptop that can do more than any iPad in the world. It is thin and the weight is only 2.3 lbs. The display resolution is 1366×768 and it has more pixels than Mac book 13-inch Pro.You can find detail specification on Apple web

5. Kinect

Gadget 5 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010

Kinect or also known as Kinect for Xbox 360 was released in November 4, 2010. It is 7th generation video game consoles and it help player to enjoy any video game challenge without using any hand held accessory. Kinects uses gestures and voice command sensor. Xbox officials said that that in the first 25 days, 2,500,000 Kinect units have been sold.
4.Samsung Galaxy S
Gadget 4 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Samsung Galaxy S
Category: Smart phone
Released: June, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S runs over Android 2.2 operating system and the brain is 1 GHz “Hummingbird” processor. The weight is only 118-150 grams and the screen is bright 4-inch 480×800 pixel Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display. Until October 2010, 5,000,000 units have sold worldwide
Gadget 3 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Released: April 2010.
Out of all controversies of iPad, iPad is no doubt one of the most discussed product in 2010. The display is multi touch screen LED-backlit IPS LCD with 1024 × 768 pixel and the total dimension is 9.56×7.47×5 inch deep. In 80 days, 3 million units of iPad have been bought.
2. Toshiba Libretto W100
Gadget 2 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
Toshiba Libretto W100
Category: Laptop
Released: 3rd quarter of 2010
Price: US$ 1.410
Toshiba Libretto W100 is featured with innovative dual screen (1024 x 600 pixel). The engine is Intel® Pentium® U5400 processor (1.2GHz)and the it is featured with 62GB Solid State Drive. It is innovative, fast and if you want to know more information about the specs you can go to Toshiba dot com
1.iPhone 4
Gadget 1 Top 10 Gadgets in 2010
iPhone 4
Category: Smart phone
iPhone 4 released in 24 June 2010. Only 3 days, 1,700.000 unit of new iPhone 4 sold. iPhone 4 is featured with 960×640 pixel “Retina Display”. It runs over Apple’s iOS operating system and so far, the phone is known as one the best video call mobile phone in the world

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