10 Largest Empire In History

Before the end of 20th century, our planet legalizes colonization and tyranny. Our world used to be governed by different Dynasties and large empires that often trapped in conflict, wars and crimes with native people or other dynasties. Here, we back to history to find top 10 largest empires in history. We begin our study with Portuguese
10. Portuguese Empire – 10.400.000 km2
Portuguese Empire 10 Largest Empire In History
Portuguese Empire
Portuguese Empire is one of the oldest colonies in the world. This empire has had stretches their territory to Ceuta in Africa up to Macaw China. On their glorious time, the empire taxed more than 10 million square of land and all people who live on it for 600 years.
9. Abbasid Caliphate – 11.1 million km2
Abbasid Caliphate is large Islamic dynasty that led by the Abbasid or the 3rd Islamic Caliphates. on the golden age, the dynasty has had ruled more than 11 million land from middle east to Africa for 1,5 century before Hulagu Khan destroyed them.
8. French Colonial Empire – 12.3 million km2
Since 1600s, kings of French expanded their border to other nations through countless wars and conflicts till the end of 1960s. For 10 years, from 1920s to 1930s, French rulers has had acquired other nations land up to total 12,898,000 km² (4,980,000 sq. miles). In 1960s, French victory fell and now the country only administered 123,150 km² (47,548 sq. miles) land
7. Umayyad Caliphate – 13.0 million km2
Umayyad Caliphate, the second ruler of Saudi Arabia after Prophet Muhammad, or Umayyad dynasty was led by Umayya ibn Abd Shams. The dynasty controlled its power from Damascus for view decades. On the golden era, the 2nd Caliphate has acquired more than 13 million land stretches from Mecca to Turkey.
6. Yuan Dynasty – 14.0 million km2
Yuan Dynasty was controlled by Kublai Khan the grand children of the great Genghis Khan. The dynasty stretched its power from Mongolia to China for 97 years from 1271. After the dynasty fall, Song Dynasty ruled the land.
5. Qing Empire, China – 14.7 million km2
Qing Dynasty 1820 10 Largest Empire In History
Qing Empire
Qing Dynasty or Manchu Dynasty is the last most powerful ruler in China from 1644-1912. In the early 19th century, the dynasty fell after Xinhai revolution successfully took control over the dynasty.
4. Spanish Empire – 20.0 million km2
Spanish empire is known as one of the most powerful and the longest empire on earth. Spanish began their aggression and expansion since 15th century and they kept its power until 20th century. 17th century was the golden era of the empire. The dynasty overpowered 20,000,000 lands from Asia, Europe to Africa and all people on it.
3. Russian Empire – 23.7 million km2
Russian empire expanded their border since 1721. Tsardom enlarged up to 23,700,000 km2 in 1866. Their land stretched from North America, Eastern Europe to many region in Asia. In 1917, Russian Revolution ended the era of tsardom and replaced it with the power of Soviet Union.
2. Mongol Empire – 33.0 million km2
Mongol Empire is the second largest empire in history. The empire used to be a huge state from for 200 years. Mongol empire was born from the allies of Mongol tribes and Turkic tribe led by Genghis Khan who won his kingship in 1206. Mongol empire used to host and tax 100,000,000 people.
1. British Empire – 33.7 million km2
Britishempire 10 Largest Empire In History
British Empire is the largest empire in History. United Kingdom ruled the Dynasty from the late 1600 to the early 1700. After countless wars and negotiations, the empire reached its peak of glory in 1922. In this year, British Empire was officially governing 458 million people from different cultures around the globe. In short, British Empire was ruling a quarter area of the planet.

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