Top 10 Best Jobs in the World

Every people in the world always wants to get a job that feels not like a job. Job that is not only fun but also make them rich. This kind of job is rare but not impossible but the world already prepare this job for the lucky person and this is the detail of 10 best jobs in the world
1.Paradise island caretaker.
top 10 best jobs in the world 1 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Paradise island caretaker
Ben Southall was interview in 2009 by foxnews after he accepted his new job as a Paradise island caretaker on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. To fill this position, ben should competed with 35,000 applicants around the world that also want the job. In this Island, his job is simply enjoy the love of the island and then write it on his blog. He was contracted for 6 months and he collected $111,000 for this job. Have fun and get paid. Ben was a very lucky guy.
2.Luxury bed tester
top 10 best jobs in the world 2 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Luxury bed tester
Roisin Madigan, a 22 years old student of Birmingham City University landed her dream job as a luxury bed tester in 2009 and she get paid £1,000 for it. Her job was simply sleeping on a luxury Savoir Beds everyday for a month from 10am to 6pm and then expressed her objective view on her blog. Simon Horn Ltd who hired her and Madigan was gladly accept this rare opportunity
3.Resort water slide tester
top 10 best jobs in the world 3 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Resort water slide tester
Tommy Lynch has a very nice job and I don’t think he is willing to give his job to other people. His job is testing top holiday resort`s water slides in many countries. He was traveling to Ibiza, Egypt, Turkey, Costa Del Sol, Cyprus, Algarve,Florida, Greece and many other countries just to ride the water slides and ensure the safety aspect. This is a long term job and it is unclear when he will take a retirement.
4.Professional prostitute tester
top 10 best jobs in the world 4 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Professional prostitute tester
Jaime Rascone get paid to make love with a new whore. He is working for Madam Fiorella and his duty is to give a “final review” to a new girl that is selected to be new madam fiorella`s whore. Jaime reports everything about the new girl “service” and his recommendation could be a green card or a red card for the girl. Every year, at least he has to test and “review” 70 new girls for Madam Fiorella.
5.Wine tester and blogger
top 10 best jobs in the world 5 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Wine tester and blogger
Hardy Wallace has a very unique job. He was recuited by Murphy-Goode Winery and his responsibilty is testing fresh and new wines every day and share his experience with his twitter followers, facebook friends and his blog visitors. He received $10.000 for this job and he was contracted for 6 months. Hardy never sent any resume to this company. His convincing Youtube video was the only thing that made him recruited for this job.
6.Candy taster
top 10 best jobs in the world 6 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Candy tester
One day Harry Willsher followed a Swizzell’s Matlow contest, he won the contest and he deserve to be a chief taster in a dirby firm sweet factory. He was only 12 years old that time and he already got a lovely job that most kids would love to have.He has his own business card, his own office and he can eat new chocolates or candies for free every single day. As a kid, he is a real son that lives in a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
7.Condom tester
top 10 best jobs in the world 7 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Condom tester
This job was provided by Durex company Australia and only 200 positions available for the job. This position is unpaid but every tester will receive $60 worth Durex product that they can bring home. This tester work is “testing” the condom and give a comment or testimony for it. One of those 200 testers will receive $1000 bonus if they are really good at their “job”.
8.World of Warcraft Tester
top 10 best jobs in the world 8 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
World of Warcraft Tester
If you are fans of World or warcraft, this job will be perfect for you. As WOW tester, all you have to do is playing WOW and farm as much as gold as you could. The Blizzard entertainment provided dozens of WOW tester and you could be from anywhere on this planet to apply this job.English is not “Must have item for this job”. As long you are master of WOW you are always welcome.
9.Director of Fun at a museum
Sam Pointon is a very lucky kid who was recently recruited to be the director of York’s National Railway Museum. His age is only 6 and he was only very plain resume to get this job, you can read his resume below:
top 10 best jobs in the world 9 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Director of Fun at a museum
10. Bike rider-photographer for Google Maps
top 10 best jobs in the world 10 Top 10 Best Jobs in the World
Bike rider-photographer for Google Maps
Google company recruited two young guys to ride a three-wheeler and travel around French Capital that is not accessible with a car. Google equipped This special bike with a GPS, a computer ,a generator and 9 camera units. They are well paid and the job are simple. If I could get this job, I really love to accept it.

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