Top 10 Biggest Spider in the World

From hundreds or may be thousands species of Spiders around the world, we could find many interesting facts and new knowledge. Not only that, They are coming to balance the food cycle in our planet. Here, we are not going to talk further about the benefit of having spider in the world. Here, we going to learn 10 biggest spiders in our planet
1. Giant huntsman Spider (Heteropoda Maxima)

giant huntsman spider Top 10 Biggest Spider in the World
Giant Huntsman Spider

Giant Hunstman Spider is known as the biggest spider we could find in our planet. Sure, they are smaller compare to their ancestor in dinosaurs’ era. Size of their body is 4,6 cm and they can span their leg 30 cm long. When they full stand, they are 12 inches high
2-3. Goliath tarantula (Theraphosa blondi) or the bird eater and Wolf spider (Cupiennius sellei)
Nickname Bird eater is suitable for Goliath Tarantula. They are big and have double fangs that are large enough to kill small bird almost instantly. They are 12 inch in diameter and can grow 30 cm tall. Average healthy bird eater can reach 6 ounces in weight. In nature, their close match is wolf spider. Their size is comparatively same 4. Brazilian Salmon pink (Lasiodora parahybana)
Brazilian Salmon Pink is known as the 4th spider in the world. Their leg is 20 cm long or 10,6 inch after they are full grown. In different location, some Brazilian Salmon pink has legs 25 cm long.
5. Brazilian Giant Tawny (Grammostola mollicoma)

largest spider brazilian salmon pink Top 10 Biggest Spider in the World
Brazilian Salmon Pink

Adult Brazilian Giant Tawny has average legs 260mm long or 10,2 inch. The female is usually larger than the male. They can weight 100 grams after full mature. In different corner of the planet, the spider is sold for $75 until $100 6-7. Colombian lesser black and Xenesthis monstrosa
Colombian lesser black and Xenesthis montrosa is 2 different species with similar anatomy and size. Both can grow up to 230mm or 9,1 inches.
8. Hercules baboon (Hysterocrates Hercules )
Hercules Baboon is one of old African tarantula Eumenophorinae . They have long legs that can stretches 203 mm or 8 inches long.
9. Hysterocrates spellenbergi
Hysterocrates spellenbergi was taken from Cameroon for the first time in 1906. Adult Hysterocrates spellenbergi can have 178mm long legs or 7 inches.
10. Cardinal Spider (Tegenaria parietina )

biggest spider Cardinal Spider Top 10 Biggest Spider in the World
Cardinal Spider

Cardinal Spider is known as one of the most difficult to find at this time. They were used to be the most popular giant European-birth Spider since 1785. In average, the 10th biggest spider can grow up to 140mm or 5,5 inch after they are mature.


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