Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities

Here’s a list of most famous lost cities in the world. Cities may become lost a variety of reasons, including economic, geographic and social such as war. Some lost cities at known sites have been studied extensively by scientists. Thus, lost cities might be referred to as ghost towns. Here is a list of the most famous lost cities that ever in the world.
10. Caesars City
Also known as the Wandering Town and City of Patagonia, the City of the Caesars is a mythical city believed to lie at the southern tip of South America. This city has never been found, and at this point is considered a legend more than anything.
most famous lost cities caesars city Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
Caesars City
9. Troy
Troy is a legendary city located in modern Turkey. Troy has long been considered by many to be a myth until the goods from the first excavated in the 1870s. Found that in fact there are many cities on the site, which for years has been built on top of one another.
most famous lost cities troy Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
8. Memphis
Founded in 3100 BC, Memphis is the capital of ancient Egypt, and served as the administrative center of civilization for hundreds of years before abandoned with the advent of Thebes and Alexandria. Unfortunately, the stones from the ruins have been adjusted to the nearest residential building, and many sites still lose an important part of historians.
most famous lost cities memphis Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed in AD 79 after Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the nearby community of under 60 feet of ash and rock. The city is estimated to have about 20,000 inhabitants at the time, and it is considered one of the main holiday destination for upper-class Roman society.
most famous lost cities pompeii Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
6. Machu Picchu
The Machu picchu near the remote Urubamba Valley in Peru. The city was never found and looted by the Conquistadors, and not until the historian Hiram Bingham visited him in 1911. It is said to be in prison, but new research shows that it may be a personal Pachacuti Inca emperor.
most famous lost cities machu picchu Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
Machu Picchu
Atlantis is described by Plato as civilization advanced and strong naval forces, Atlantis is said to have conquered most of Europe before sinking into the sea as a result of some kind of environmental disaster.
most famous lost cities atlantis Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
The lost city “Z” should be located deep in the Brazilian jungle, lost city “Z” considered as advanced civilization with a sophisticated network of bridges, roads, and temples. There is no evidence of its existence has ever been found.
most famous lost cities lost city Z Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
Lost City Z
Petra is located in Jordon, and Arguably is the most beautiful of all cities. The most prominent feature is the beautiful stone architecture, carved from the rock surrounding mountains. It was explored in the 18th century.
most famous lost cities petra Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
2. El Dorado
One of the most famous of all the legendary city of El Dorado is a mythical kingdom is said to be found in the forests of South America. City is said to be led by a powerful king and keep untold wealth of gold and jewelry.
most famous lost cities el dorado Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
El Dorado
The Angkor area in Cambodia and the region surrounding a large in size since been recognized as the largest pre-industrial city in the world, and the famous temple of Angkor Wat which is generally regarded as the greatest religious monuments in existence.
most famous lost cities angkor Top 10 Most Famous Lost Cities
From the list of most famous lost cities above, do you interested to visit one of these cities?

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