Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past

Couple of hundreds ago, our great grand fathers and mothers had no chance to pick their own rulers and leaders. In the past, government were occupied by weird royal families that not only incapable to lead but also had mental disorders that disadvantaged many people. This is 10 of them. They are 10 weirdest royals in the past.
1. Justin II

Royal 1 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Justin II

He is the successor and nephew of famous Roman Emperor Justin I or Justinian the Great.Unlike his uncle, Justin II was a man with a serious brain problem and he needed a music all the time to relax his stressed mind. He bit people and he should used a special wheeled throne in the palace. His mental illness was the main reason why he was abdicated from his power and replaced by Tiberius II Constantine. 2. Ibrahim I

Royal 2 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Ibrahim I

He was the King of Ottoman empire from 1640 to 1648. His madness was obsession to fat or obese woman. He even ordered his special agent to search a fattest woman in other countries.His agent finally found a 330 pounds woman in Georgia or Armenia. Ibrahim I loved her so much and he was ready to lose 280 harems for her. Other madness, Ibrahim gave her a government pension and royal title of Governor General of Damascus. 3. Nebuchadnezzar

Royal 3 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past

Nebuchadnezzar was the great King of Babylon during 605BC and 582BC and He was a great man that built Hanging gardens of Babylon.Unfortunately, behind his great success, he also had a serious mental madness. Several time, he left his throne and living in wild jungle for several years. According to history, he believed he is humbled by God and he had to live in the jungle for 7 years with goat and cattle and ate grass like them. Once the years passed, He came back to his kingdom and governed like a normal king. 4. Ludwig II of Bavaria

Royal 4 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II ruled Bavaria from 1845 to 1886. He had an eccentric style and great interest of Art. Sadly, his interest of art went too far and that made the Kingdom spent too much money for his interest instead of using it to help the people or poor.He believed that he is immortal and weirdly, his death is mystery till this day and no one knows where is his last resting place. 5.Caligula

Royal 5 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or known as Caligula was a moderate Roman emperor until one day he changed and became a weird king that was not only cruel but also greedy, perverse and tyrannic. Almost same as ludwig, He believed that he is immortal and he had same level with other gods in heaven. Sometimes, he dressed like Apollo, Venus, Mercury, even Achilles.Before he died, his madness worsen and he beheaded some god`s head in temples and replaced it with his own head copy 6.Charlotte of Belgium

Royal 6 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Charlotte of Belgium

She was the Empress of Mexico as a consort of her husband, Maximilian I of Mexico. When Charlotte back to Europe and transit to Vatican, her weirdness started to emerge.One day, she ran out to pope room and kneeling and shouting that one of his staff tried to poison her. She also forced to sleep in Vatican room and she slept in Vatican`s library for one night. Next day, she burned her own hand and visited an orphanage with a mask of handkerchief covered her face. 7.Joanna of Castile

Royal 7 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Joanna of Castile

She was a famous queen of Castile but he felt in love too deep to her own husband Philipe. She became frantic and insane once Philipe died.She was not buried her husband and she brought her husband coffin inside her palace. Every morning, she used to open her husband`s coffin, embrace and than kiss him.When an epidemics struck her palace and she had to move to Burgos, she even brought the coffin with her. 8. Robert III of Scotland

Royal 8 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Robert III of Scotland

Robert III of Scotland was a good ruler but regrettably, he had not destined with a good son and he loved his son too much. His own son David or Duke of Rothesay was a homosexual, leaving his own fiancee, and traitor.David finally died in his own uncle`s jail in Falkland Palace and that made Robert depressed, refused to eat and died couple of days later 9. Murad IV of Turkey

Royal 9 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Murad IV of Turkey

He was known for his cruelty, weird prohibitions, insane punishments, and his homosexual behavior. His own musician lost his head just because he played a Persian song. During his reign he prohibited cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and he would behead anyone who broke the law. It was recorded 25000 people killed by this rule. 10. Alfonso VI of Portugal

Royal 10 Top 10 Weirdest Royals in the past
Alfonso VI of Portugal

Our last weirdest royals goes to Alfonso VI of Portugal. When he lived, People could see his weirdness started from his look. Every day, He wore 6 or 7 coats at a time one after another and he perched 3 or 4 hats on top of the other. His weird dressing style was completed with his wild parties hobby and his adored to have sex with nuns. The church leader was powerless to stop his lunatic behavior

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