Amisha Patel's Profile

Name: Amisha Amit Patel
Address: 51,Shahaka Building, B Road, Church Gate,Mumbai:400020
Date of Birth: 09 June 1977
Debut Film: Kaho Naa Pyar Hai(2000)
Amisha Patel's Profile                                Bollywood Actress: Amisha Patel
Amisha Patel, started filmi career with Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, a super hit movie. Amisha is a gorgeous looking girl who will charm her way into the audience's heart with her twinkling eyes and effervescent smile.
Amisha is a person who is committed to doing good projects as she is not in films for the lure of fame and fortune, what with her coming from a very affluent background herself. A combination of hard work and smart career moves is responsible for Amisha being regarded as one of the top draw heroines in the industry today. The actress is an unlikely entrant into the world of films though glamour industry has been her conscious career choice.
She joined Satyadev Dubey's theatre group and started doing plays after convincing her parents a process that took a year. Armed with a foreign degree and an ultra respectable family background Amisha Patel was to be the CEO of the family business. Director Rakesh Roshan had already signed Kareena Kapoor opposite his son and had even started shooting with her. When that association did not work out Roshan remembered his fascination with his school friend Amit Patel's limpid-eyed daughter at a sangeet celebration. Rakesh Roshan even remarked that if he ever made a film with his son he would take her as a heroine. And this way she got her debut film Kaho Naa Pyar Hai. After that she had given other hits also like Gadar, Humraaz. In 2003 she had a Parwane which was a flop.
Her forth coming films are The Rising for which she is very thrilled to work with Aamir Khan. She is playing an innocent bengali girl, Jwala who gone through a devastating time before a Britisher comes into her life, also there is Mere Jeevan Saathi where she stars opposite Akshay Kumar.


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