list of Top 10 Most Amazing, Cool and Unique Bookshelves

Books are source of knowledge and play a vital role in character building. People love their books and want to put them in safe and easy to access place. Now a days, different kind of amazing, unique and stylish bookshelves are available, today Top 10 Marvels is presenting the list of Top 10 Most Amazing, Cool and Unique Bookshelves. Here we go…

Top 10 most amazing bus ads

There are different ways to advertise products, but the latest and most funny way introduced in last years is advertisement via bus stickers. You must be surprise to see these amazingfunnycreativeand stylish ads with perfect positioning that they give an illusion effect. Lest have a look the list ofTop 10 most amazing bus ads…

Aeroplane on a bus
Amazing brush Ad on long bus
Perfect positioning of ad to make eye illusion
Wonderful ad of Tiernitos company
Funny bus ad with perfect door position
Amazing ad to represent accident, looks original

Smock excretion from a man’s mouth
Funny and romantic Ad
Amazing door positioning on bus ad
Amazing camera ad on a bus

Top 10 Billionaires Who Dont have Degree

If you are going to achieve excel in any field then you just need confidence, talent and urge, the degree does not matter. But off-course degree can polish your skills.
You will be surprise to know that there are billionaires having huge business don’t have degrees.
10. Michele Ferrero
Michele Ferrero
Michele Ferrero has the worldwide business of chocolates “Ferrero Rochers”, having total wealth of $17 billion.
9. Lee Shau Kee
Lee Shau Kee
He has total wealth of $18.5 billion. Well he was awarded with many honorary degrees.
8. Liliane Bettencourt
Liliane Bettencourt

She is the Founder of L’Oreal cosmetic company. Her net worth is $20 billion.
7. Li Ka-shing
A tremendously successful business man, His net worth is US$ 21 billion.
6. Ingvar Kamprad
Ingvar Kamprad
He started his business success at the age of 17. Now has net worth of $ 23 billion,
5. Karl Albrecht
Karl Albrecht
He started his business after the World War II with his brother. His net worth is $23.5 billion.
4. Christy Walton
Christy Walton
Christy is a successful business woman of Wal-Mart. Her net worth is $ 24 billion. She doesn’t have a degree/diploma of higher education.

3. Amancio Ortega
Amancio Ortega
The major success of Amancio is business model Ortega. His net worth is $25 billion.
2. Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison
He has gained the success with the famous data base company Oracle. His net worth is $ 28 billion.
1. Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Bill Gates is one of the richest persons of the world, his net worth is $54 billion. He was the student at Harvard University but could not complete his degree.

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