Top 10 iPhone Themes

Top 10 iPhone Themes

Thanks to technological development in information and communication technology, manufacturers are increasingly coming up with cutting edge products. Consumer electronic products, especially handheld devices have been the main area of focus. Cell phones are no longer items of making and receiving calls but have gone further to integrate entertainment. Products such as iPhone, iPodtouch, iPod and iPad from Apple Inc are taking consumers worldwide by storm. Whether it is internet, music, games or office applications, they are all made available to you on a single touch.
Of all the consumer electronic products from Apple, iPhone is the most popular of all amongst the masses. Millions of people worldwide prefer it as the number one means of communication and entertainment. In an attempt to try and differentiate iPhones on consumer hands, the developer enables users to download themes they can use on the phone. These are just but extension of ones personality. There are those which come by default with the purchase of the phone and those that are available for download. Pre-installed themes are common amongst all iPhone users, but downloadable themes are distinct.

Discussed herein are fresh top ten iPhone themes which you can download for free. If the current theme in your iPhone does not create a stir amongst your friends, then you need to consider downloading the following themes. Compared to buying a new iPhone, altering your iPhone theme is more affordable and gives your handheld device a fresh new look in the simplest of ways. The following were some of the most preferred themes in 2010 and are still a darling to many iPhone users.

1. Vista Perfection:
Not many people would have thought that Windows Vista theme would have made it amongst the top ten iPhone theme. But, it has. The Windows Vista theme gives your iPhone a glassy appearance as well as feel. If you love simplicity then this is the theme for your phone.

2. OS X Leopard:
Global warming has been a thorny issue for years now. If you are part of the generational change that would like to see a better environment, then OS X Leopard is the theme for you. The greenery effect that it creates at the back is soothing and gives hope that we can in deed save the environment. The theme is available for download for free.

3. Jeans iPhone Theme:
If you are an old school folk like me, then this iPhone theme will come highly recommended. The jeans iPhone theme is specially designed to take you back to your high school years. The background created by the jeans and badge are but a reminder of campus years. If you are a freshman, then this is the iPhone theme to flaunt to your friends.

4. Blueprint iPhone Theme:
Fresh is the word that describes the blueprint iPhone theme. The blue backdrop created with schematic sketch icons on the front creates a dazzling look. The theme is best suited to those persons who are susceptible to fashion trends. It is a show of modernity. Just like the other themes, it is available for download for free.

5. iMac Theme:
Mac fans must have been wondering, “where is our theme?” Well, here it is. The iMac theme is everything you ever wished for from your iPhone to match your Mac. The tinge blue backdrop is just perfect. The theme is the hallmark of minimalism.

6. High Tech Rave-Up Theme:
If you love technology and everything that it represents, then High tech rave-up is the theme for you. The theme has a marvelous blue draw attention to effect. It creates the impression of absolute visibility in the darkness. In addition, the black backdrop gives your phone a classy look of modernity.

7. ChromiPhone Free Theme:
A closer look at chromiPhone reminds you of the Google Chrome. If you are a business executive who loves to keep a clean look from top to bottom, then this is the phone for you. It has a plain clean background to compliment your business appearance. The theme is available for download for free.

8. ChocoMilk iPhone Theme:
If you like to eat life with a big spoon, then chocomilk iPhone theme is highly recommended. The theme gives each icon a distinct effervescent tint accompanied by a black backdrop. The black background is a story of simplicity. The theme cuts across all ages and as such can be worn to the office or school or to the social scene.

9. Windows 7 iPhone Theme:
Windows 7 has been the every story of 2010 and the Windows 7 iPhone theme that is available for download for free will suit Windows 7 funs.

10. HTC Hero’s Sense UI iPhone Theme:
The HTC Hero’s theme is a scene from the HTC Hero and gives a spectacular look to your iPhone.

The above themes can be downloaded directly to your iPhone or onto your PC then transferring to your iPhone. However, you will need the latest iTunes to be able to so. Furthermore, you will require downloading and installing “Winterbaord” application to your iPhone so as to execute the application.


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