Top 100 uk's richest people

The Top 100 Richest people in the UK
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RankNameWorthRise/FallSource of wealth
1 (1)Lakshmi Mittal and family£17,514mDown£4,936mSteel
2 (6)Alisher Usmanov£12,400mUp£7,700mSteel
3 (2)Roman Abramovich£10,300mUp£2,900mOil, Industry
4 (3)Duke of Westminster£7,000mUp£250mProperty
5 (4)Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli£6,870mUp£920mPharmaceuticals
6 (15)Leonard Blavatnik£6,237mUp£3,237mIndustry
7 (16)John Fredriksen and family£6,200mUp£3,450mShipping
8 (5)David and Simon Reuben£6,176mUp£644mProperty, Internet
9= (new)Gopi and Sri Hinduja£6,000mNew EntryNewIndustry, Finance
9= (7)Galen and George Weston and family£6,000mUp£1,500mRetailing
11 (8)Charlene and Michel de Carvalho£5,400mUp£1,000mInheritance, Brewing, Banking
12 (new)Ravi Ruia£4,900mNewEnergy
13= (9)Sir Philip and Lady Green£4,200mUp£95mRetailing
13= (11)Hans Rausing and family£4,200mUp£200mPackaging
15 (12)Joseph Lau£3,937mUp£112mProperty
16 (13)Kirsten and Jorn Rausing£3,900mUp£400mInheritance, Investment
17 (10)Anil Agarwal£3,810mDown£290mMining
18 (14)Vladimir Kim£3,500mUp£340mMining
19 (18)Sir Richard Branson£3,085mUp£485mInternet, Mobile phones, Transport
20 (31=)Nicky Oppenheimer£2,900mUp£1,400mMining, Diamonds
21 (19)Earl Cadogan and family£2,850mUp£550mProperty
22 (17)Joe Lewis£2,800mUp£100mInvestment, Foreign exchange
23 (38)Bernie Ecclestone£2,500mUp£1,125mMotor racing
24 (24)Bruno Schroder and family£2,460mUp£790mFinance
25 (20)Alan Parker£2,290mUp£216mDuty-free shopping
26 (22)Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay£2,200mUp£400mProperty, Media
27 (23)Jean Claude Gandur£2,105mUp£327mOil, Gas
28 (50)John Whittaker£2,075mUp£1,015mProperty
29 (21)Eddie and Sol Zakay£2,050mUp£150mProperty
30 (45=)Laurence Graff£2,000mUp£800mDiamonds
31 (27=)Richard Elman and family£1,940mUp£390mCommodities
32 (34)Antonio Luiz Seabra£1,875mUp£415mCosmetics
33 (35=)Baroness Howard de Walden and family£1,820mUp£420mProperty
34 (new)Alexander Mamut£1,815mNewFinance, Internet
35 (39)Simon Keswick and family£1,775mUp£420mFinance
36 (57=)Sir Anthony Bamford and family£1,650mUp£700mConstruction equipment
37 (26)Mark Pears and family£1,600m-Property
38= (31=)Mahdi al-Tajir£1,550mUp£50mOil, Metals, Water
38= (27=)The Fleming family£1,550m-Finance
40= (35=)John Caudwell£1,500mUp£100mMobile phones
40= (43=)Eddie and Malcolm Healey£1,500mUp£250mProperty, Kitchens
40= (31=)Poju Zabludowicz£1,500m-Property, Hotels
43 (61=)Sir James Dyson and family£1,450mUp£530mHousehold goods
44= (115=)Sri Prakash Lohia£1,310mUp£760mTextiles, Plastics
44= (35=)The Swire family£1,310mDown£90mProperty, Transport, Industry
46= (94=)Mohamed al-Fayed and family£1,300mUp£650mRetailing
46= (43=)Lord Ashcroft£1,300mUp£50mBusiness services
46= (41=)Clive Calder£1,300m-Music
46= (45=)Alki David and the Leventis family£1,300mUp£100mIndustry
46= (51)John Hargreaves and family£1,300mUp£280mFashion
51 (27=)Ian and Richard Livingstone£1,290mDown£260mProperty
52 (65)Mike Ashley£1,268mUp£378mSports equipment
53= (57=)Mark Coombs£1,200mUp£250mFinance
53= (45=)Lord Grantchester and the Moores family£1,200m-Retailing, Football pools
53= (52=)Viscount Portman and family£1,200mUp£200mProperty
56= (61=)Bernard Lewis and family£1,150mUp£230mProperty, Fashion
56= (73=)Douglas and Dame Mary Perkins and family£1,150mUp£340mOpticians
58 (new)Ajay Kalsi and family£1,140mNewGas
59 (56)Sir Ian Wood and family£1,119mUp£157mOil services, Fishing
60 (54)Michael Moritz£1,100mUp£123mInternet
61 (new)Xiuli Hawken£1,066mNew EntryNewProperty
62 (70)Ayman Asfari and family£1,053mUp£227mOil services
63 (55)Sir Terry Matthews£1,043mUp£68mComputers
64 (30)Sir Ken Morrison and family£1,034mDown£506mSupermarkets
65 (111)Peter Hargreaves£1,020mUp£450mFinance
66 (68)Viscount Cowdray and the Pearson family£1,015mUp£165mMedia
67= (45=)Nadhmi Auchi£1,000mDown£200mFinance
67= (102)Charles Dunstone£1,000mUp£396mMobile phones
67= (158=)Lord Kirkham and family£1,000mUp£570mFurniture
67= (57=)Robert Miller£1,000mUp£50mFinance, Duty-free shopping
67= (204=)Nat Rothschild£1,000mUp£670mFinance
67= (52=)Wafic Said£1,000m-Finance
67= (75)Eugene Shvidler£1,000mUp£198mOil, Gas, Investment
74 (66=)Alan Howard£975mUp£100mFinance
75 (63=)Lord Sainsbury and family£960mUp£60mSupermarkets
76= (57=)Richard Desmond£950m-Property, Media
76= (63=)The Grant and Gordon family£950mUp£50mSpirits
78 (82)Benzion Freshwater and family£895mUp£151mProperty
79 (92=)Jon Hunt£875mUp£215mProperty, Estate agency
80= (71=)The Earl of Iveagh and the Guinness family£850mUp£30mProperty, Brewing
80= (115=)Lord Paul and family£850mUp£300mIndustry
82 (354=)Alastair Salvesen and family£840mUp£660mTransport, Plant hire
83 (214=)Peter Smedvig and family£837mUp£517mOil, Shipping, Gas services
84 (78)Eduard Shifrin£829mUp£49mIndustry
85 (83)Urs Schwarzenbach£820mUp£80mFinance
86 (88)Alexander Knaster£812mUp£93mFinance
87= (76=)Roger and Peter De Haan£800m-Leisure
87= (76=)Gerald Hines£800m-Property
89 (85=)Lord Sugar£770mUp£40mElectrical goods
90= (132=)Peter and Denise Coates£750mUp£250mGambling
90= (73=)Peter Cruddas and family£750mDown£60mFinance
90= (150)Steve Lansdown£750mUp£298mFinance
90= (79)Lily Safra£750mDown£14mInheritance
90= (80=)Lord Vestey and family£750m-Meat
95 (85=)Lord Laidlaw£745mUp£15mConferences
96 (84)Slavica Ecclestone£734m-Divorce
97 (69)Ruth Parasol and Russ DeLeon£733mDown£99mGambling
98 (100)Viscount Rothermere and family£730mUp£122mMedia
99 (94=)Peter Green and family£725mUp£75mInheritance, Mining
100 (90)Peter Jones and family£707mUp£34mProperty

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