Best Movies of 2013

1Man of Steel
+15Absolutely amazingly epic and immensely entertaining. When it comes to such an iconic and loved character it's hard to please everyone. But oh boy, this is the one I've been waiting for! Where do I even start? Visually stunning and full of carnage. Krypton is depicted beautifully. Loved the tone and pacing of the film. The soundtrack is definitely one of Hans Zimmer's best, it's incredible. Superbly crafted action sequences and spectacle. A joy to watch from start to finish. It has become a favorite and will be viewed many times to come. Also, Faora in Man of Steel is undoubtedly one of the best female villains. All in all, it's a super exciting and intense movie with excellent performances and is surely amongst the top of the best superhero and action movies.
+29I was actually pretty disappointed in Man of Steel...Oh Well maybe one day they'll get it right
+17Iron Man 3 is a good movie, but the storyline was just too predictable (except for who the Mandarin really is. ) But Man of Steel on the other hand, had real characters, a good storyline and not as much unnecessary humor.
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2Iron Man 3
+35Bigger, better, funnier and yet the darkest of all three Iron Man movies. The acting is top notch, especially from Robert Downey Jr who brings his A game for this explosive finale. The action scenes are brilliantly well-crafted and the soundtrack is great. Even when the action isn't present there's a lot to enjoy in Iron Man 3.
+20Please get "Warm Bodies, "A Good Day to Die Hard", "Oz the Great and Powerful", and "The Last Stand" out from in front of this movie. They deserve no such grace.
+18Third time's the charm in this high octane fuelled, action packed rollercoaster of a ride. You come for the splosions but stay for Robert Downey Jr's witty and charismatic performance.
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3Despicable Me 2
+25The most awesome movie EVER! It deserves to be on the top of the list!
+20This deserves to be in number 1 or number 2. VERY FUNNY movie. VERY VERY nice storyline and very diverse audience target. It can be enjoyed by kids, teenagers and adults and even oldies can appreciate the movie.
+22Great movie for kids and adults.It has comedy, romance, and some action too!
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4Fast & Furious 6
+38Great movie & series!
+24One of the best of the year! Insanely fun and entertaining with amazing action and humor. Extremely well-filmed and directed. Luke Evans was a great and menacing villain. Loved every single minute of it and will surely watch it over and over again. "THEY GOT A TANK! "
+21AWESOME Movie! Deserves to be on this list!
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5Star Trek: Into Darkness
+23This sequel to 2009's Star Trek reboot is even better than the first. More room for character development, fantastic action set pieces, Benedict Cumberbatch. Need I say more?
+14Star Trek Into Darkness has it all! Everything works perfectly. The acting is just as great as in the reboot and maybe even better. But the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch has added it to a whole new level. Incredible action scenes and awesome soundtrack. The entire film is just a visual marvel with heart and soul. A movie to watch from start to finish on multiple viewings.
+14If you don't think this is the best movie of the year then you obviously haven't seen it. The fact that Man of Steel (Relentless action, Lois Lane always knows where Superman is, etc.) and Iron Man 3 (so many plot holes you couldn't fit a tooth pick through them) are higher than this is beyond me... I've lost faith in humanity..
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6The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
+48This movie is awesome, remember that part when Jennifer Lawrence... Oh wait, you can't remember cause it HASN'T EVEN COME OUT YET!
+11! The book was amazing, and I'm so excited to FINALLY watch the movie. It's going to be amazing! Can't wait.
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7Monsters University
+17Feeling nostalgic about this one
+4Pixar has yet to disappoint me!

This prequel was superb! It really builds up the background for Monsters Inc. So many questions that I had from the first movie were answered in this.

Great visuals, voice acting, and plot; it wasn't at all cheesy or predictable. A perfect movie for the family and kids, or even the occasional reminiscing teen
+9Although it is a kids movie is way better than Man of steel in my opinion
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8Pacific Rim
+19The giant fanbase and internet craze over this movie told me that this movie was something to watch. So I watched it. And it was ' awesome. Usually, movies with this theme have a poor storyline that falls apart in the first half. However, Pacific Rim managed to keep it, along with extreme action that makes you want to jump off your seat and start imitating the Gypsy.
+13Pacific Rim Is the best for me.. Full of Clash! :D
+10The movie this year! It has one of the most amazing actions scenes! Id love to see it again n the soundtrack is just awesome! Best movie of 2012
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9World War Z
+8What is awesomest then a zombie apocalypse movie that actually shows the beginning of an apocalypse with brad Pitt! Best zombie film and movie in 2013 ever!
I think there should be a sequel to it. That is how good this movie is. The sequel should be how they fight the plague bit by bit. They should also show where the plague had come from and who spread it.
2nd favourite film of all time! The thrill of it and the atmosphere and idea is extra ordinary and the soundtrack by muse is just perfect!
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10The Wolverine
+13Number 1 without a doubt
+6One moment Mr.Jackman was singing like a girl in Les Miserables and now he is in one of the best action movies of the year!
+6This movie was awesome.It kept me off my seat the whole entire time!
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