Visually Stimulating Photos From Fun To Amazing

Most Perfectly Timed Photos via Twisted Sifter



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Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out To Show Their Surroundings via Bored Panda

The Arc de Triomphe

Central Park, New York City

Sagrada Familia

The Acropolis

The Forbidden City

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Mount Rushmore

Taj Mahal

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Spectacular Sights Of Nature via Hongkiat

Zhangye Danxia Mountains, China

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

The Wave, United States

Fly Geyser, United States

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Mendenhall Glacier, United States

Red Beach, China

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Sand Dunes, Brazil

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Sea of Stars, Maldives

Vatnajokull Cave, Iceland

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Naica Mine, Mexico

Orda Cave, Russia

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Funny Things To Lighten Up Your Friday

This Guy Gives People Cartoon Faces on His Train Ride to Work ~ via Twisted Sifter

cartoon face 1

cartoon face 2

cartoon face 3

cartoon face 4

cartoon face 5

cartoon face 6

cartoon face 7

cartoon face 8

cartoon face 9

cartoon face 10
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Honest Slogans via

honest slogan 1

honest slogan 2

honest slogan 3

honest slogan 4

honest slogan 5

honest slogan 6

honest slogan 7

honest slogan 8

honest slogan 9

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Faces In Things via @FacesPics

face in things 1

face in things 2

face in things 4

face in things 5

face in things 6

face in things 7

face in things 8

face in things 9

face in things 10

face in things 11

face in things 12

face in things 13

face in things 14

face in things 15

face in things 16

face in things 17

face in things 18

face in things 19

face in things 20

face in things 21

face in things 22

face in things 23

face in things 24
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Funny Signs thanks to Twisted Sifter

funny signs 1

funny signs 2

funny signs 3

funny signs 4

funny signs 5

funny signs 6

funny signs 7

funny signs 8

funny signs 9

funny signs 10
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