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1Grand Theft Auto 5
+380I love Grand Theft Auto very much but I'm surprised that call of duty and halo didn't make it on. Now Grand Theft Auto is very unique because nothing comes close to it (Saints Row doesn't feel the same as Grand Theft Auto).
+270Open world, new cars, featuring everything possible, good graphics, Improved overall car handling, no more boat-like when turning...
+228Oh my god, the best series of games has possibly the best game in the world added to it. Rockstar will do well to follow up Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas. But definitely excited about Grand Theft Auto V
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2The Last of Us
+112You're guys crazy if this game isn't number 1 or 2, I mean It has awesome graphics, awesome gameplay and I'm sure it will have an amazing campaign.
This game is gonna be a hundred times better than Grand Theft Auto V, it should be on the top of the list with BioShock Infinite
+83The only reason this isn't #1 is because it's exclusive.

If this were multiplat, it would be #1 no doubt. This is not just game of the year, it's game of the generation.

Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait for Grand Theft Auto V. That will be an incredible experience. But is it something NEW? Not really, it's just really big. The Last of Us is an entirely new concept in that no zombie (I know they're infected, not zombies but same concept) game before has focused so much on story.

Naughty Dog is the pinnacle of gaming this generation. Everything about TLoU is phenomenal. The gameplay is smooth, fun, exciting, and much more varied than in any other shooter. The graphics are among the best this gen has seen. The story is indescribable. Yes, the premise has been done before, but the way and manages to convey the story is something that MUST be experienced first hand to really appreciate it and understand why this game is so good.

Hell, even the multiplayer is damn addicting.
It's a shame this isn't at least up there with Grand Theft Auto. It sure as hell beats AC and BS:I in my book.
+11I have had the honor of completing both Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us within one week and I can testify as an unbiased entity that Last of Us is the best game I have ever played followed by Grand Theft Auto V. Now I know that TLOS is exclusive and that is the reason it is lagging behind Grand Theft Auto but believe me when I say it: TLOS is the best complete gaming experience you can ever hope for; this coming from a guy who had the best gaming week in his life with the top two games. Other games are in the upper echelon as well but these two are playing a different sport altogether, forget the same league.

As it stands, if it were a toss up between Grand Theft Auto V and TLOS. I would give TLOS the nudge 10 out of 10 times. In terms of Gameplay, TLOS eclipses Grand Theft Auto even though the possibilities are endless. But TLOS accentuates its strengths and sticks by them. There are minute intricacies which gamers tend to look over but TLOS compelled them to take notice. Eg. Anyone who has played will maintain in no uncertain terms that the trivial segment where Ellie and Joel see a Giraffe and the enthusiasm on her face just protrudes onto you. Grand Theft Auto on the other hand is almost as competent when it comes to creating a connection between the player and the three characters and the experience is surreal. There are so many things going on that the myriad will leave you befuddled. It's like that buffet spread at your favourite restaurant, you just don't know what you want to eat first. But Grand Theft Auto's modus operandi is what is usurped by Last of Us in terms of the sheer storyline driven mentality. The intensity of emotional involvement is unprecedented and the pontificated gameplay as opposed to Grand Theft Auto's vast options act as the clincher. As Bruce Lee once said: 'I don't fear the 1000 moves you practice one time, I am afraid of the one move you practice a thousand times'; in case you haven't realised it yet, TLOS is the latter.

As far as the storyline goes, I don't think it's even a competition really. TLOS snatches the trophy and then some. The emotions on the faces of the characters transfer on to the controller. I still haven't gotten over that ending (Whoosh! ). Grand Theft Auto V is close enough in terms of continuity but the fact that it is trodden territory gives it an early disadvantage right away. If it weren't for that though, if Rockstar (who according to me is the Naughty Dog of cross-platform gaming) absolutely came up with a nerve-wracking experience then it would have given TLOS a run for its money.

The only aspect where Grand Theft Auto outshines TLOS for me is the character switch element. You can effortlessly change between two characters at almost any given point of time (unless you f'd up somehow, like being wanted) is the coup-de-grace for the game but in all honestly that isn't good enough to clinch the zenith of the podium for me.

Once again, this is my perspective and solely my opinion. Keeping all of that aside, indubitably this has been the best couple of weeks for me as a gamer. I know comparisons will always rise and I will always try to look at both sides of the weighing scale but for now, I am too busy reveling in the glory that is TLOS and Grand Theft Auto V.

Hopefully there are sequels or prequels or whatever quels floats their boats. Naughty Dog, Rockstar give your self a Barry Horowitz-esque pat on the back and a cookie. You deserve it, oh and thank you.
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3Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
+155Come on, at least should be in top 10! M/_
+136The one and only game which inspired me a lot!
This is the best game in the world...

It has the best storyline ever in gaming industries...

Hit Thumbs up if you guys agree with this
+87The best game ever in the world!
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4BioShock Infinite
+84Easily the number 1 game of 2013, I think this game would receive the same respect half-life 2 get and will be remembered by gamers all around the world as the greatest game of all time because of the gameplay and deep story, immersing atmosphere that became bioshock series' trademark
+54Although it's already obvious why everyone loves this game, I feel the need to say something different. The reason why I feel like this game should be the best of 2013 is that it goes above and beyond expectations. We all know that GTAV will have more vehicles, more missions, etc. But Bioshock Infinite goes above and beyond, it doesn't just give us a good story, it was able to take on new mechanics that not only are new to the series, but to the FPS genre in general. It's a beautiful game, with even more beautiful visuals and this game finally gave us an ending its previous games couldn't, which in my opinion, is more than enough reason to see why this game is the best of 2013.
+33Every great game had a massive thing that no other game of the same genre had: Half-Life (1 and 2) had a extremely awesome way to present you a story, you know, without cutscenes and all of that, it was purely gameplay.
The Elder Scrolls saga have an massive liberty...
Grand Theft Auto is pure fun.

But BioShock Infinite... Oh, BioShock Infinite has an amazing story and an amazing way to see it. The combat is fun (not THAT fun, but it makes it work), the characters are amazing, and the story is the best in a lot of years. It has flaws, as an excessive amount of combat (at least in my case, I wanted to shoot a little less, but other people will think it's alright), but however it always manage to make a compelling gameplay always directed by an amazing story. Hurrah, Irrational Games!
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5Watch Dogs
+93Will probably be absolutely amazing. How the hell is crysis 3 up here
+71This is an epic game.. You control stuff with your cell phone how cool is that?
+62Seriously it's not even in the top 10 list! It's story, gameplay, action, adventure is all epic.. And even the graphics is amazing!
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6FIFA 14
+100Can't wait for FIFA 14
+83This is a chance for a person who doesn't play football, to have the feeling to be on the pitch. Fabulous, realistic graphics. Feel the game!
+70Dopest most realistic game out there a feel me?!
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+93Minecraft offers a unique game-play experience in a 16bit sandbox RPG. The open-ended style of Minecraft has drawn millions of players and allows for much user-created content.
+70Minecraft is the best in the world I don't know why it's not number 1😜
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8Call of Duty: Ghosts
+67How is it 38. Just because it's Call of Duty it should be lower. When a new one comes out everyone wants to get it. Long lines ok storylines but great online play.
+41Looks like it'll be a good game, from the trailers. Finally leaving the Modern Warfare storyline.
+33Well, the first point is that the story of all the call of duty's games is awesome, I really like how the graphics paint a incredible gameplay and story. I think that the story should be played in a movie. It's a good choice like Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, and Battlefield 4.
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9Tomb Raider
+90No. 8? Excuse me! This is eventually/currently the best game of 2013. How can anybody vote for Grand Theft Auto V before even releasing?... Don't you know what happened with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Tomb Raider gave me one of the best gaming gaming experience I've ever had, of course except skyrim and Batman Series but this showed me a greatest example of a power of a woman and what is the real meaning of "The Hero".
+46Come on no:5 are you serious! This is like the one of best game I have ever played. I loved Lara croft and her fight for survival. The graphics of the game is breathe taking. The story line is powerful. People you should really buy this game and check it out your self that a women can really be powerful and a hero
+40Tomb Raider explores the intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to a hardened survivor. Lara must fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold.
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10Battlefield 4
+71EA better not mess this up...
+33Just awesome, nothing more too say. One of the best battlefield games. Also the best Fps games ever.
+22Laugh out loud How is this below Call of Duty Ghosts. I'm sorry but I like both Call of Duty and Battlefield but Battlefield took 2013 in my opinion, no question.
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