Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats have evolved over hundreds of years from the early bats used by the masters of the game to the weapons of war used in the new millenium by maestros like Sachin Tendulkar.

Cricket Bat Brand Listing

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Gunn & Moore Cricket Bats
Puma Cricket Bats

There are many brands and so many cricket bats to choose from, where do you start? The key questions you will be asking are: is this the best cricket bat for the best price ?
How do I know what weight or size my bat should be?
How do I look after my bat once I have purchased it?
You can even see how your bat is made.
Is the cricket bat on sale and is this the best and cheapest price for the best value?
Check out the comprehensive range of Cricket Bats available at the Cricket Equipment Store and choose from the best brands, to get the best cricket bat prices and sales.
Check out the Video Links below to help make an informed decision on the best bat for you.
Check to make sure that the cricket bat you choose is for either hard or soft ball cricket.
English Willow bats are typically for hard ball cricket and Kashmir willow is for tennis ball and soft ball cricket.

Article On Bat Care: Cricket Bat Maintenance

Video: How Cricket Bats Are Made

Video: How To Look After Your Bat

Video: How To Choose Your Cricket Bat

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