Fusion Cricket Bats

Fusion Sports are manufacturers of quality hand crafted cricket bats. Each bat is hand made in our workshops to meet the needs of every cricketer. We can customize any bat to meet your requirements. We have facilities for "try before you buy" with our own indoor net.

Website: http://www.fusionsports.co.uk

Senior Fusion Cricket Bats

Grade 3/4
RRP: £115.00
Grade 1
Grade 1
RRP: £165.00
LE Bat
Fusion Sports LE Bat
RRP: £245.00
Fusion Sports Red Bat
RRP: £175.00
Super Best
Super Best
RRP: £195.00

Junior Fusion Cricket Bats

Current Players Using FusionBats

Daren Powell

Gareth Rees

Gary Brent

Moeen Ali

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