Is Shane Warne the most flamboyant cricketers to have ever played the game? There have been Imran Khans, Bothams, Richards but Warnie seems to have beaten 'em all with his flippers. Even after retiring from international cricket, the spin wizard continues to perform exceptionally well on and off the field. Rajasthan Royals - his team in the Indian Premier League - just beat Sachin Tendulkar's Mumbai Indians on Friday. But it was the post match stuff presentation from Warne that had tongues wagging, quite literally. One picture is worth a thousand words and you can see it above what do I mean. When it comes to dating women, Warne would have certainly lost the count but perhaps, NOBODY was as big a name - and also beautiful - than Liz Hurley. The Hollywood babe has been a good sport so far, understanding the nuances of cricket (or should I say nonsense(s) of IPL) in the few weeks that she has been in India. By the way, what were Warne and Liz trying to prove with this lip lock act in Jaipur on Thursday? Maybe showing Kate and Williams the perfect way of doing it!

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