Newbery Cricket Bats

With history going back to the turn of the 20th Century Newbery bats and equipment are ever growing in popularity and can today be seen gracing cricket grounds the world over, from club to Test Match arena. Players like Dominic Cork, Murray Goodwin and Ashwell Prince all turn to Newbery to enhance their instinctive game.


Junior Newbery Cricket Bats

Current Players Using NewberyBats

Carl Hopkinson

Dominic Cork

Ian Salisbury

James Kirtley

Murray Goodwin

Mushtaq Ahmed

Richard Montgomerie

Steve Stubbings

Yasir Arafat


These bats can be seen in our cricket and I appreciate that you have shown your interest in it. We all know that how difficult to choose a bat is, but over here you made everything easy. That's the plus point of your blog.


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